Digital Biz Master Programme

Finding Time & Location Freedom Through Digital Business

A unique cost effective course, which combines Global History, Motivation, Wellbeing, Business Psychology & Facebook Marketing. The course was developed by Maj Hussain a Lifestyle & Business Coach. Maj has three academic degrees and also experience of running various companies and ventures, also having supported individuals with business coaching and wider lifestyle aspects. This online course is packed with high value content and video training. The lessons and cutting edge techniques are a result of work undertaken over a decade. This course was created through learning from top mentors earning seven figures and advisors. The course also includes two eBooks and a bonus video from an American entrepreneur relating to ‘finding your purpose’. This is an online course which will help you potentially create a 3, 4, 5 figure digital business without breaking the bank, helping you with idea creation, branding and business development. The course has great content, real life examples and methods to succeed in the world of digital business. Enrol today and prepare to begin your entrepreneurial journey & never look back.  

What's included?

28 Videos
3 PDFs
Maj Hussain
Maj Hussain
Lifestyle & Business Coach

About the instructor

Hey people welcome to my online course, ' Digital Biz Master Programme'. I am a UK based Entrepreneur, Lifestyle & Business Coach. I have been helping dozens of individuals over the years supporting them with their business needs. I have three academic degrees and I have managed some businesses, organisations and investments. I am a Business Psychologist and an author who loves to travel and read. Through my programme you can learn unique techniques in marketing & business. My course aims to help individuals set up online businesses which have the potential to earn 3, 4, 5 figures within 12/18 months. My course also supports learners with branding, wellbeing, motivation, business development and Facebook marketing. The course is packed with high value content and video tutorials. I created this programme through support from mentors and advisers who have achieved seven figure sales in the online digital space. This programme is unique, uses a proven Facebook marketing and sales methodology and also has multiple bonuses including two eBooks and a guest inspirational video by an American female entrepreneur. So make sure you enroll today and lets begin this online business creation journey today, Lets Go!!!

This course has great content, real life examples & methods to succeed in digital business. Enroll & prepare to begin your entrepreneurial journey.  

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